Places to Travel in Tallinn

Estonia's capital, Tallinn, is situated on the Baltic Sea coast. Places to travel in Tallinn, where is also a port city, are quite a few. Tallinn, located 80 kilometers away from Helsinki the capital of Finland, comes into prominence along with its historical sites, museums, nature parks and religious centers.

Like in many countries in Europe, Estonia uses euro currency as well. Tallinn is an attractive place for tourists in all four seasons due to its mild climate. Tallinn has an average temperature of 17 degrees centigrade in summer season and -5 degrees during the winter.

You may either attend tours or travel by your own, you can find plenty of accommodation options in Tallinn. Depending on your budget, you can stay in luxury or affordable hotels. The preferred place to stay is in the downtown, usually referred to as the Old Town. Here you can feel the medieval breeze or try the rural accommodation options just outside of Tallinn.

Oleviste Church

It is estimated that the Oleviste Church, one of the most famous works of Tallinn city, was built in the 12th century. Between 1549 and 1625, the church was listed as '' the biggest building of the world ''  which is 125 meters long. The church was damaged by the wars that occured in the region and passed through several restorations until modern-day. The church in Tallinn Old Town can be visited free of charge between 10: 00-18: 00. You can use tram lines 1 and 2 to go to the church where you can see a beautiful view of the Tallinn.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, you can see the similar structures frequently in Europe, attracts tourists as the largest Orthodox Church of the city. The cathedral, an example of Russian architecture, dates back to the time, when Tallinn was under Russian rule. The cathedral was built between 1894-1900. Visiting hours of the cathedral, hosts thousands of tourists every year, weekdays between 08: 00-19: 00,  and during the weekends between 08: 00-20: 00. You can use buses 1 and 40 to reach Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Kadriorg Park

Kadriorg Park, Tallinn's largest park, is right next to the Presidential Palace. The park, which looks similar to Centrel Park in America due to its size and location, there are walking paths, ornamental pools, benches and Lake Swan. The monument of famous writer Friedrich Reinhold is one of the most important structures in the park, and  also the monument of Kreutzwald, which was built by Tsar I. Petro. Great Petro, the founder of Saint Petersburg, had the Kadriorg Palace built inside the park in 1718. The palace was used as the governorate of the city of Tallinn between 1741 and 1917.

Toompea Hill

Toompea Hill is at the top of the places you could to watch the view of spectacular Tallinn from above and take a photo of the city. Toompea Hill, covers an area of 7 hectares, can be reached by buses number 4, 5, 7, 21, 21B and 59. Besides the pleasure of watching the city scape, there are several worth-visiting places such as the Parliament House, Toompea Castle, and Hermann Towers.

Kiek in de Kök Tower

The Kiek in de Kök Tower, where you can explore the exciting atmosphere of Tallinn, is one of the tourist attractions to see in the city. There are boulevard passages just outside the tower. The images, sounds and effects in these gates mirrors the history of the city of Tallinn, starting in 1219. The 38-meter-long Kiek in de Kök is open between 10: 30-18: 00 every day except on Mondays and the entrance fee ranges 3 to 10 euros. You can use tram lines 3 and 4 to get to the tower.

Tallinn Old Town

The Old Town district is the old center of Tallinn. The Old Town districts in many European cities attracts tourists with their streets. As you pass through these streets, you will feel like you are inside the time machine and you will find yourself traveling in the Middle Ages. Old Town, a place that should definitely be seen by those who are interested in medieval architecture, can witness the development of different architectural styles from the 1400s to the late 1800s. This small but charming region is a must-see place on your trip to Tallinn.

Lennusadam Seaplane Museum

The Lennusadam Seaplane Museum, which exhibits marine vehicles, war weapons and war vehicles, was opened in 2012. You can watch the videos to get information from the sailing ship to the submarine vehicles. It is also possible to take pictures of the area by wearing historic clothes.

Art Museum of Estonia

Founded in 1919, the Estonian Art Museum now inholds five museums. These museums are Art Museum of Kumu, Art Museum of Kadriorg, Mikkel Museum, Niguliste Museum and Adamson-Eric Museum.

The Art Museum of Kumu is the main building of the Art Museum of Estonia. The Kumu Art Museum, was built between 2002-2006 in Kadriorg Palace garden, is a very modern building and was awarded the European Museum of the Year Prize in 2008. A section dating back to the 18th century at Kadriorg Palace is called Art Museum of Kadriorg. Important collections of Russian and Western European painting between the 16th and 20th centuries are in this museum.

The kitchen of Kadriorg Palace is called Mikkel Museum. In this museum Johannes Mikkel donated Western art, Europe and Chinese porcelain in 1994. The historical church next to the palace serves as the Niguliste Museum. Here, works related to the church such as the tomb and the altar are exhibited. The part where the works of famous artist Adamson-Eric are exhibited is Adamson-Eric Museum.

Tallinn Botanical Garden

The Tallinn Botanical Garden is another large park in the capital. The park has playgrounds for children, various roses, tropical plants, different types of trees, mushrooms and exhibition halls. Picnic or celebration organizations can be held at the Tallinn Botanical Garden. The park, spreads over an area of 110 hectares, has more than 7,000 plant species and greenhouses. The entrance fee to the garden is 5 euros. The audio guides exists in the Tallinn Botanical Garden.

Tallinn Zoo

The medium-sized Tallinn Zoo dates back to the time of the Soviet Union. The zoo is divided into two parts: the Soviet part and the modern part. The area where owls and antilops are located is quite extensive in this well-regulated and green place. You can see different animal species and buy souvenirs at the Tallinn Zoo.

Tallinn TV Tower

Like in Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, Moscow, etc., Tallinn has also TV Tower. Besides its interactive media and events, the most admired side of the Tallinn TV Tower tour is the panoramic view. There is also a restaurant inside the Tallinn TV Tower, where you pay 10 euros to enter. You can eat and drink in the restaurant while watching 360 degrees view.

KGB Museum

The KGB Museum is situated on the 23rd floor of Hotel Viru. The entrance fee to the museum costs 10 euros, including the tour guide. The old items in the Museum remains from the Russian sovereignty period. KGB group used to performe some events in this building.

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