Places to Travel in Budapest

What are the tourist attractions in Budapest, capital of Hungary? Budapest, where is divided by Danube River, was formedin 17 November 1873 after the union of two cities called "Buda" and "Pest"

Today, Budapest became the center of political, cultural, commercial, industrial, export and tourism of Hungary. Budapest, Hungary  is the second largest city in Central Europe after Berlin, Germany. According to 2003 population data, 1.719.343 inhabitants live in the city. This figure shows that one of the fifth of population in Hungary, lives in Budapest

One of the most beautiful city, Budapest, mesmerizes with its geographical conditions and historical places. Buda and Pest conquered by Sultan Sületman the Magnificent in 1526, had been under the auspices of Ottoman Empire for 150 years. Evliya Çelebi mentions Buda an Pest in his book called "Seyahatname".

Gellért Hill

You can enjoy the view of fascinating Budapest and the splendor of Danube River on Gellért Hill. Gellért has an ordinary history that in the early periods of Christianity, people who did not accept religion were thrown down from this hill. Since the Saint Gellert was found among those thrown from the hill, the hill began to be known by that name over the time.

Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge, one of the well-known symbols of Budapest, was constructed by William Tierney Clark who was the architect of Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA. The construction of bridge started in 1839 and completed 11 years later in 1850.

Chain Bridge, also known as the Lion Bridge due to four lion sculptures on the bridge, at those times, connected two seperated cities Buda and Pest.

Parliament Building

Parliament Building, one of the magnificent structures in Budapest, is the 3rd biggest parliament in Europe. The building is the largest construction in Hungary and located near the Danube River.
Parliament Building was established in 1902 by the architect Inge Steigel who is influenced by the parliament building in London.

Hungarian State Opera House

Budapest Opera House is the tourist attraction where is popular amongst the tourists. The architecture of building resemble the Opera House in Vien. Hungarian State Opera Building is counted as an important structure in the world.

Heroes' Square (Hősök Tere)

Heroes' Square or Heroes' Monument houses significant national ceremonies and events. The construction was started in 1896 for 1000th anniversary of the settlement of Hungarians. Nevertheless, it took 33 years to complete the structure because of the wars and several obstacles.

Hörök tere is dedicated to the heroes who gave their lifes for the independence and freedom of the Hungarian nation.

Margaret Island 

Margaret Island sits on the Danube River, is an mesmerizing place in Budapest. The island, covered plenty of green areas, has hot springs and otels and also, it has an important role in the history.

The story of the island on Hungarian history is as follows; In the 13th of century, King IV. Bella, swore an oath that if his country, which was occupied by tartarians, would saved from the attacks, he would dedicate to his  daugher to God's service. The incident developed as the king wishes, after the liberation of the country, the king built a church for her daughter, called "Margrit", on the island where she could serve as a nun at the God's service.

Tomb of Gül Baba 

During the reign of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificient, the tomb of Gül Baba(Bektashi dervish), was built for Gül Baba who died during the siege of Buda and Pest. The tomb still remains its existence today.

This Bektashi dervish was called as Gül Baba because of the rose he put on his quilted turban. The Tomb of Gül Baba, can still be visited.

House of Terror (Terror Haza)

The House of Terror, built in 2002, exhibits the inflict cruelty of Hitler and Stalin towards Hungarians, during World War II. This striking structure has extra ordinary and interesting interior design. The exhibition in the house consists of quite a few materials about the war and  photographs of those who lost their lives at the war. There is even a tank in the House of Terror.If you are interested in history, we strongly recommend you to visit the Terror Haza.

Matthias Church

Matthias Church, where is worh-visiting place in Budapest, is one of the important churches of Hungary and even of Europe. It is possible to see various architectural traces from different periods in the Mathias Church. The structure used to serve as mosque during the period of Ottoman Empire.

City Park

Budapest has pretty huge city park. The park includes the largest zoo in Europe and one of the botanical garden. Despite of the spectacular green area, the Park also has sturctures like Vajdahunyad Castle, circus and fine arts museum.

Vagi Utca Street

Vagi Utca Street, the most famous street in Budapest, is where you can witness the vivacious life of the city. If you visit all the tourist destinations, you may go shopping on the pedestrianized Vagi Utca Street.  

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