A Backpacker's Guide To Packing

If you have been bitten by the backpacking bug, then putting your oack together is priority #1. Here's how to choose a pack and make wise use of small space for comfort while travelling.

What Backpack Size Should You Choose?

Your trip for less then 6 week:

Hot Weather: 30-40 L
Cold Weather: 40-50 L

Your trip for more then 6 week:

Hot Weather: 45-55 L
Cold Weather: 55-65 L

5 Steps to Practical Packing

When it comes to backpacking, you want to take everything you need - and not one item more.

Get the weight down: The heavier your pack, the harder it will be to comfortably carry over the duration of your trek. Take half as many clothes as you think you will need and use compressios bags to minimize their size.

Think small: Choose a pack that is 1/3 of your body weight when filled up with your gear.

Distribute the weight: Keep the heavlest items close to your back. The lightest things go at he bottom and top, with middle weight gear at the center to top of your pack.

Strap yourself in: Make sure your pack fits comfortably by securing all of the straps. Every backpack should have 3 straps: sholders, chest and hips. Pull them snug and ensure the weight falls to your hips.

Have it close at hand: You are going to need essential items regularly without wanting to unpack your whole bag each time. So make sure you place them in easily accessible places, such as the top of your pack and side or strap pockets.

After you pick your perfect pack and pack it up perfectly, there is only one thing left to do; enjoy the journey!

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